The future happens now, with Livingdam. Since 2002, we have pursued the clear and innovative purpose of offering integrated technology. In 2008, we became a part of Azevedos' Group, a group with over 70 years of experience in the construction industry and in 2012, we have expanded our area of intervention to sectors such as multimedia, audiovisual and technological rehabilitation of houses and buildings. The future is here and now. In your home.

We want to transform the world to give you the greatest comfort. We present projects designed to measure and solutions tailored for you. Because it is for you that we install and configure systems, so that you may enjoy the final outcome. Home Automation and Home Theater, the two areas that will transform your world.


LIVINGDAM promotes 'turnkey' solutions that meet each customer's needs and expectations. From the first briefing to system's installation and configuration, the customer will only have worry about the final result.
// Analysis and project elaboration
// Product selection in accordance with the solution
// Technical support and construction work monitoring service
// Setting the installation to function


In order to provide the best solutions to its customers, LIVINGDAM represents the world's most renowned brands and develops strategic partnerships within its different operating areas. 

// KNX -  PARTNER NO. 8234 


This partnership ensures equipment control regarding residential and office buildings technical management by using the same technological language.                                    
In this system, all bus equipment is connected (bus cable, radiofrequency, power line or IP/Ethernet) allowing to exchange all information about each component's condition (lighting, blinds, security systems, energy management, heating, HVAC systems, monitoring and signalling systems, service interfaces and BMS, remote control, metering,  audio and video control, household appliances, etc. All these functions can be controlled, monitored and signalled by using one single system with no need to use a central control unit.

// Genesis Technologies


LIVINGDAM joined the European leading retailer of excellence home technology, Genesis Technologies, to provide its customers with environments combining state-of-the-art technology with an exquisite design, resulting in Home Automation and Home Theatre solutions.

// Control 4


This partnership allows LIVINGDAM's customers to control the majority of their household devices by using the Control 4 system which integrates several Home Automation components.

// Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric is a worldwide specialist in energy management and LIVINGDAM ensures energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions regarding new or existing building installations. By using EcoXpert, it provides innovative and integrated solutions that ensure you get the maximum performance out of the building, whether it is an industrial or residential building.

// Padimat

Padimat is one of the most adventurous and dynamic companies of the construction and decorative sector in the Portuguese market. This is the foundation for the partnership of LIVINGDAM with this national brand, ensuring the best customer commercial advice from both companies.