Home Automation


Home Automation concept is characterized by the integration and respective remote control of a house's existing features such as lighting, acclimatisation, security, audio and video, aiming to provide comfort, safety, entertainment, energy saving, aesthetics and design.       


Our Home Automation solutions provide an integrated control of the house by using simple and intuitive interfaces between the user and the house. We provide multiple control interfaces such as universal remotes, TVs, tablets, smartphones or computers. It is also possible to remotely control all house features as if we were actually home.


We think technology must be used to improve people's quality of life. Our solutions are based in a user friendly principle and turn houses into widely flexible and truly functional households for your daily routine.


Today we here about the 'carbon footprint' each one of us leaves in the planet and about the impact of that same footprint in the future.
LIVINGDAM's Home Automation solutions are an excellent way to achieve an efficient energy management in our homes and buildings, being able to decrease energy consumption up to 30%.


Our solutions combine features and technology with good taste and innovative design, and are intuitive, easy to use and aesthetically appealing.


Lights which automatically adjust to your moments while greatly decreasing energy consumption. This is the intelligent lighting we have to offer. One of the greatest opportunities to subtly and effectively influence a house's environment and complement its decoration's aesthetics. 
// Adjustable lighting in every house location
// Welcome scenery when you arrive at your home
// Intelligent movement sensors for automatic lighting control
// Using keyboards to operate other features other than lights, such as music, blinds, acclimatisation, among others
// Exterior lighting automatically turning off in the morning and turning on at sunset
Making it like there is someone in the house in your absence Lighting central controls in different house locations (e.g. by the main door or in the main bedroom) therefore increasing comfort and rationalising energy consumption.


Acclimatisation control in a smart house is one of the areas in which energy saving is more significant. Heating and cooling control and monitoring in each division allows the creation of different acclimatisation environments and a more efficient energy management.
Temperature measurements in each division are made by means of lighting keyboards or dedicated sensors and the values are sent to the controllers that will activate the existing acclimatisation systems in a smart way.
This smart control provides energy saving up to 30%.


We develop distributed integrated audio solutions (multi-room), providing the user with a central control or a control in each division, allowing to simultaneously listen to different music in different rooms.
Regardless of your musical preferences, the distributed sound concept allows you to control and listen to what you want, when you want. By using a modern audio distribution in each room, area or division, we are able to create very tasteful integrated audio systems. And the options are limitless.
Speakers selection for an entertainment system may go from embedded speakers, exterior wall speakers or even invisible speakers.
Imagine a Hi-Fi system in each room with an elegant and single control keyboard and invisible speakers in the wall or ceiling! This is a dream for interior designers and embodies sophistication and comfort for the user.


Video distribution allows you to enjoy the beauty of 4K high definition content in all your rooms without having to add a set-top box and decoding devices behind your TVs.
With the multi-room video you all can enjoy the same movie or watch whatever you want, where you want.
To consolidate all your audio and video equipment in a single technical area created a clean installation with a superior sound quality and 4K high definition video in all your rooms. You can share your movie library and distribute video and satellite channels to all your rooms without needing set-top boxes and several video sources in each room.
Solutions: Search the movie library and video streaming services like Netflix, VEVO, YouTube, PLEX, among others, in any TV, smartphone or tablet in every house location.
Video storage and distribution allows you to search and watch every movie stored in you multimedia library in any TV in the house.
You can simultaneously watch sports in the living room, watch the news in the kitchen and watch children's movies in the kids room. Each room accesses all video sources by using an intuitive and simple interface.


Feel relaxed in your home and keep it safe, even from a distance.
Out Home Automation solutions aim to substantially increase your safety as well as to manage and ensure safety for the house itself. In addition to the general security systems like intruder, fire, flood, gas leaks, and video surveillance circuit alarm systems, among others, our solutions provide your involvement in deterrent actions regarding your house, by using automatic lighting, blinds, audio and video activation, or even by simulating the presence of people in your house.