We have created excellent home cinema rooms alike any professional room by incorporating a high resolution surrounding audio, high definition video and a huge TV or projection screen with customized lighting. Integrate all your audio, video and home theater in a simple and intelligent way! Solutions: Watch videos from several sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices or perform a search in all of them at the same time.
Hide all the equipment in a technical cabinet and control every device with a single remote control or elegant touchscreen.
Smart lighting over the entire room that darkens when you press 'play' and turns on gently when you press 'pause'.
Control the whole house from the home theater room, including room temperature control or see who's at the front door without leaving your seat.


We market the best projectors among the existing technologies (laser projectors, LCoS, DLP, LCD, hybrids) with resolutions up to 4K (UHD, or 4xFullHD) to give you the brightest images with high contrasts and definition.


We work with some of the world's greatest specialists in speakers and therefore we are able to provide solutions that meet the requirements of each customer and/or area (interior and exterior). Whether the speakers are traditional, with modern finishes, embedded or totally invisible, there is no requirement we cannot meet, always having high performance, clarity and detail as goals.


Audio-visual processing is the foundation for every AV system. Only the most modern processors and DACs are able to extract all info stored in movies, soundtracks and music albums and send it to highly efficient amplifiers, playing every sound or image stores in the most pure and accurate way as desired by musicians, directors and producers.


A high quality projector is no worth if the screen is not able to play maximum details while simultaneously blocking all external interference spots that may affect image quality.
The screen material can be adapted to the area's needs and brightness conditions. Its size can also be adjusted in order to match installation requirements whether they are front projection, overhead projection, installation in front of speakers, etc.


A room's shape, layout and construction play a key role in the global performance of an AV system.
Modern AV systems require high detail calibrations and the results are always affected by the acoustics of the area in which they are integrated. A room without proper treatment or that does not comply with some basic principles regarding its layout and/or construction may ruin the final outcome of a high quality system in the same way that a room with acoustic treatment allows you to get the maximum performance out of the simplest system.


There is nothing better than a comfortable cinema seat lined with the best and most resistant materials to enjoy a quality sound and image system in a cleverly thought-out room.
A cinema seat has several integration options such as the possibility of being autonomous or electrically controlled, or responding to impact and moves of the movies in display and are essential to place the customer in the action centre.